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Rail Manager takes the hassle out of managing rail projects and personnel

Rail Manager is an integrated, web-based system for managing all aspects of your rail engineering business. It is designed to meet the unique requirements of companies working on the UK's rail infrastructure, but offers features that are applicable to almost any engineering company, large or small.

Rail Manager enables project managers to track contracts from the initial enquiry, through the estimating process, to planning and ultimately completion. It's planning tool provides a company-wide overview of all jobs, as well as the ability to produce detailed plans for individual jobs.

The system provides essential employee-management features, such as the ability to track training certificates; absence and disciplinary records; and holiday entitlemant.

Fatigue Management & Risk Assessment

Rail Manager enables authorised personnel to assign employees to jobs in advance. It automatically performs an instant risk assessment based on the number of working hours assigned and the calculated travel time (based on the employee's home address to the site address — optionally via a defined base address).

The calculated risk, which is based on Network Rail guidelines, but can be configured to any other criteria, is displayed on a scale ranging from H (no risk) to A (extremely high risk). The system provides several 'risk reduction' options, such as automatically reducing the working hours to the maximum permitted by a particular risk level. The system suppports jobs where employees will lodge away to avoid daily travel and adjusts the calculated risk accordingly.

Enquiries & Estimates

Job enquiries can be recorded as they are received and Rail Manager provides an advanced estimating system. Estimate items can be created manually or can be imported from a client-supplied bill of quantities. The system enables the creation of an unlimited number of pricing libraries, with support for group-items, that dramatically reduce the time it takes to produce an accurate estimate of costs.

The estimating system provides a selection of reports, each with varying levels of detail and some which provide interactive grouping and aggregate functions.

The 'Summary (Client)' report provides a high-level pricing overview, including margin, which is suitable for submitting to the client. If successful, an enquiry can be 'converted' to a won contract: it keeps it's original reference number, along with any attachments that have been added.

Supply Chain Management

From managing your approved suppliers, to purchase requisitions, purchase orders and stock inventory management, Rail Manager provides all the tools you need to manage your supply chain.

Suppliers can be assigned to multiple product groups, of which there can be any number. Rail Manager also enables you to keep track of supplier performance, using your own weighted criteria.

Much more...

These are just a few of the advanced features offered by Rail Manager. If you would like to arrange a full demonstration or discuss your needs, please contact us via the form on the Contact Page.

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments

Rail Manager provides an instant risk assessment when assigning employees to jobs, automatically factoring travel time.

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Supply Chain

Manage your supply chain with approved suppliers, purchase requisitions and orders, stock inventory and more.

Absence Calendar

Absence Calendar

The Absence Calendar lets you track employee holidays, sickness and more. Automatically calculate holiday entitlement based on days worked.

Health & Safety Dashboard

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety Dashboard provides up-to-the-minute safety statistics and accident reporting.