Tees Technical Services has developed and implemented a fully integrated process-based management system which addresses all aspects of our business activities. The system ensures that our client and our company requirements are consistently met, from the initial design stage through to project completion.

Our management system, which meets the requirements of Achilles RISQs and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001, is designed to identify, evaluate and effectively manage risk within our business and ensure compliance with both regulatory and contractual requirements.

A process of continuous review and improvement ensures the systematic evolution of our system and provides the foundation from which we develop and deliver innovative engineering solutions to meet our clients' needs. By adopting this best practice approach we aim to create a working environment which promotes service quality, customer satisfaction, organisational success and sustainable business growth.

Our management system also provides flexibility in our approach to the diverse range of projects we undertake on behalf of our clients. This flexibility is achieved through the use of fully integrated health & safety, environmental and quality plans which form the basis of individual project delivery and are continuously updated to reflect the latest project status.

Using the latest internet technology, our system is electronically delivered to all of our office and remotely-based employees, thereby ensuring that they have direct access to the latest company information and knowledge base.

“Your trusted partner, offering strength through diversity.”